Dorothy & Toto of Wizard of Oz

With every show, our theatre doors are opening wider to embrace our friends like you who we have missed so much. In addition to bringing you the best entertainment possible in light of the many restrictions during this pandemic, we’ve continued to push forward our capital campaign in which seat sponsorships plays a starring role in that effort.

When we open our brand-new auditorium, there will be seats so magical that they can transport anyone who sits in them to faraway places – back in time or into the future. In those chairs, thousands of people will burst into laughter, cry tears of joy, or have their hearts fill with love.

We wanted to share with you a few stories from those who have purchased seats.

In the 1970s, DOE secretary Audrey Won of Nuuanu became a season subscriber and has attended nearly every show since then. Her husband Herbert served as her devoted date until he passed away a decade ago. Her daughter and son-in-law now accompany her. At the age of 87, she admits that her memories are fading – naming a seat in honor of her beloved husband is a permanent reminder of a lifetime of date nights and more than 50 years of joy.

While the beloved dog daughter of Pat Ferraris and Jan Davis now lives somewhere over the rainbow, their theatre experience as a family has left an indelible paw print on their hearts forever. Maile, a silky haired terrier who starred in DHT’s 2008 Wizard of Oz at the age of 6, now will have a forever seat named in her honor when the new theatre opens its doors in 2022.

Ed and Katie Weldon’s daughter Fay grew up in the programs of Diamond Head Theatre and is an alumnus of the Shooting Stars. Sixteen-year-old Fay named a seat in honor of her grandmother who took her by the hand to shows, here and on Broadway, as a youngster. This inspired a love of performing arts that she carries to this day. For the Weldon ohana, three generations have been embraced by a grandmother’s love.

There are so many more stories like these that keep us inspired during these challenging times.

We’ve sold nearly half of the seats in the theatre and we need your help now more than ever. As part of our capital campaign, we are honored to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime naming opportunity where you can celebrate a loved one, honor an art lover, or present a lasting gift to someone special.

When you sponsor a seat, an elegantly engraved name on a plaque will be affixed to a seat’s armrest for the seat’s lifetime. All contributions are fully tax-deductible.

Click here for prices and details. 2021 is the year of your legacy.