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In 1915, The Footlights was formed as a new theatrical group in Honolulu. The Amazons was its first production and starred many prominent Honolulu citizens inlcuding Will Lewers, Mrs. Walter F. Dillingham, Helen Alexander, Margaret Center and Gerrit Wilder. Held at Honolulu Opera House, where the historic Merchant Street Post Office now stands, these collective performances would serve as the spirited beginning of America’s third-oldest, continuously operating theatre.

In 1934, the wildly popular Footlights evolved into Honolulu Community Theatre. Its original mission still stands: “Community service through the art of theatre, involving Hawaii’s people as audience members, stage crew and performers.”

During World War II, thousands of troops were entertained at more than 300 performances throughout the Pacific (a tradition that continued with the Pacific tour of Ain’t Misbehavin’ during the 1990 season).

At long last Honolulu Community Theatre found a home to call its own in 1952. It took up permanent residence in Honolulu’s Gold Coast District of Diamond Head. Back then, Fort Ruger was a critical army base that included a military residential community and an aging movie house that was built in the 1930s. Although never designed for stage productions, the war-era movie house was retrofitted to the extent it could. A scene shop and costume center were added. Installation of lighting and sound systems were made.

In 1990, a new name for an old friend was given. Honolulu Community Theatre became Diamond Head Theatre. Today the aging theatre house is being reimagined and thoughtfully constructed as the contemporary and visionary live theatre center that it was meant to be. The time has come and your support is needed for the ongoing capital campaign and construction, which is expected to conclude in early 2023.


Diamond Head Theatre brings Hawaii together to celebrate music, dance and the art of performance with spirited shows, a continuum of classes and exciting experiences for the entire ohana.


Auditions & Volunteers

Audition for a role. Host a fundraiser. Invite us to speak to your group. Serve as an usher. Help in our scene shop. There are so many ways to get involved.



We welcome the young and old as well as beginners and professionals. Our year-round and special guest classes are full of dance, song and laughter.



Each season features six shows that bring laughter, tears and belonging. Producer’s Club members and season ticket holders are guaranteed seats in our limited-run shows that rival Broadway.


We're building Hawaii's best theatre

Our community giving campaign Curtains Up! needs your support to build a new theatre. Your most generous gift will set the stage for the future of community theatre in Hawaii as we plan for our next 100 years. We are Hawaii’s Broadway of the Pacific and the nation’s third oldest community theatre. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube to see our construction in progress.

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October 15, 2021|

While the stage at Diamond Head Theatre percolates with performances at night, our biggest show is by day…outdoors! A cast of characters [...]

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