Performing arts groups, clubs, schools, pageants, companies and non-profits will be able to rent our campus for seminars, celebrations, services and shows when campus construction is completed in 2023.

Seats B oahu theater facility rentals


We’ll shine the spotlight on your next event.

People love our venue that’s spirited and deeply rooted in history. Diamond Head Theatre is centrally located and easily accessible in Oahu’s gold coast community with ample parking. Our places and spaces on our campus become available outside of our show productions and when classes are not in session. Scenic elements of our productions are sometimes available. For more info, and to check on availability, please contact Emily at elane@diamondheadtheatre.com or (808) 733-0277 ext. 304.



Rates are subject to change based on how spaces will be used and availability pending construction. We offer a typical fee schedule for general planning purposes.



This mirrored and spacious studio is the perfect place to practice from dance and singing to acting and band rehearsal.



The air-conditioned green room offers a quiet creative and informal space to lounge, meet and plan. Includes desks and chairs.


Rental lengths are six hours.

Regular Rate – $2,500/day (6 hours)
Non-Profit Rate – $1,500/day (6 hours)

Hourly Rate – $500/hour
Non-Profit Hourly Rate – $300/hour

Rates include use of the stage, audience chamber, outdoor lobby, dressing rooms as needed, cleaning fee, and basic equipment. Any equipment needed above and beyond the normal scope is subject to an additional fee.

Concession Stand can be added for a $200 fee plus any staff time needed.

Standard Rate $200 / hour | $600 / day

Standard Rate $100 / hour | $400 / day

All personnel are $50/hour per person. Personnel include:
Event Manager (required)
House Manager (required if audience is present)
Sound Board Operator
Light Board Operator
Stage Manager
Stage Crew

If your event requires any lighting or sound design beyond our standard lighting and sound, that is available for the following rates. Sound equipment subject to additional charges to be determined upon rental application.

Regular Rate – $75/hour
Non-Profit Rate – $50/hour


All rates quoted are subject to change depending on the scope of the rental.

  • Final rates will be determined once a date has been agreed upon by both Diamond Head Theatre and the customer, with a contract drawn up specific to the terms for that particular rental. Upon signing, a 50% non-refundable deposit for the facility rental will be required.
  • Light and sound equipment currently part of Diamond Head Theatre’s inventory will be provided at no additional charge. Should additional equipment be required, DHT will provide a cost estimate in advance.
  • Renters are responsible for 4.712% General Excise Tax.
  • Diamond Head Theatre will not sell tickets for any rental events.
  • Nothing may be sold inside or outside the theatre (T-shirts, books, souvenirs, etc.) without written permission.
  • DHT is not responsible for any personal property left in the theatre.
  • A general liability insurance policy is required naming DHT as additionally insured with a minimum coverage of $1 million per occurrence and $2 million in the aggregate.