Helping students thrive

Diamond Head Theatre is grateful for the following scholarship opportunities for our summer musical theatre camp from our generous donors.

John Young Foundation Scholarship

The John Young Foundation Scholarship provides scholarship opportunities for our Musical Theatre Experience program that spans seven weeks every summer. Applicants with a passion to learn about musical theatre and performing should apply and include two recommendation letters: one from a current teacher or a school counselor and one from an instructor or coach of an extracurricular activity.

Zach Mar Twinkling Star Award

The Twinkling Star Award or The Pure Joy Award recognizes a student who represents selfless and caring joy of being on the musical theatre stage. Their happiness shines the light of joy on others around them. Each year this scholarship is awarded by the MTE instructors to the MTE AM student who best represents the above qualities. The scholarship is only redeemable for the following summer.

2021 Recipient: Jeju Ahn-Miles
2019 Recipient: Lia Noguchi
2018 Recipient: Makani Hagiwara
2017 Recipient: Ava Hipa
2016 Recipient: Lexi Roberts

Zachary Fujisaki Mar Passion Memorial Scholarship

Zachary was a 2006-2008 Musical Theatre Experience Program participant. Zach endeavored with zeal and passion in school, theatre and sports. In 2008, Zachary passed away. To honor and memorialize Zachary, his parents established the Zachary Fujisaki Mar Passion Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded by the MTE instructors to the MTE PM student demonstrates Zachary’s qualities and characteristics such as a positive attitude and a passionate heart. The scholarship is redeemable for the following summer.

2021 Recipient: Summer Hall
2019 Recipient: Redmond Stehlik
2018 Recipient: Melody Hamilton
2017 Recipient: Miles Kroeker
2016 Recipient: Nia Sade Bakari