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We are steadfastly hopeful on all fronts. You may have seen the July 30 Pacific Business News article about our new theatre in which we mention the phenomenon called “collective effervescence,” an energy and harmony that people feel when they come together in a group around a shared experience. The recently wrapped A Chorus Line served as our pinnacle of collective effervescence. It was our biggest production in a year-and-a half. It brought together 27 cast members and over 4,000 theatre lovers through 19 shows. We hope that the tide is turning and that live theatre is back to stay.

While construction has been smooth and we’re on track to open by end of next year, fundraising continues as we still have $1.3 million left to raise. Seat sponsorship, whereby you can sponsor a chair and have the armrest engraved, continues to be a wonderful success with more than half of the seats sold. We’re hoping that more will step forward and be seated.

As you talk with friends and family about DHT, know that we are grateful that you have shared this journey with us. You stand with us in our place of community where people can come together and connect in collective effervescence! Please continue to send old and new friends of the theatre our way for tours, talks and opportunities to get involved. We look forward to keeping you close and sharing each milestone moment in the months ahead.