Diamond Head Theatre construction site

While the stage at Diamond Head Theatre is percolating with performances and audiences are returning at night, our biggest show is by day…outdoors! Our mauka lanai is looking quite different these days, bereft of our cactus garden (luckily volunteers and friends harvested plants and trees to take a “piece of DHT home” with them). The mauka side now showcases a new cast of characters, costumed in yellow—bulldozers, excavators and a rock crusher. All leveling the earth to make way for a dream come true.

Watch our construction progress on removing rocks (and rocks and rocks) continues to make way for the foundation expected in the next month or so.  We are eager to see our new building rise from the dirt! So begins our journey to build your brand new theatre.

Seen on photos: our Board facility committee toured the site with Project Manager Andrew Tanton of Cumming.