Today was a milestone moment for theatre lovers as the first of two main trusses was hoisted in place by a crane at Diamond Head Theatre in Kaimuki. Each weighs 20,000-pounds and stretches the length of the 75-foot auditorium. Shipped in two pieces, these critical pieces were welded on site. The structural steel roof design in a theatre is unique in that the roof structure also supports the catwalks, ships ladders and platforms. All of these will be needed to for the staff and volunteers to move safely while accessing the grid, rigging, lighting and audio-visual systems.

The construction of a new theatre has been in planning for more than 15 years.

Planning and construction partners include: Studio RED Architects, Schuler Shook Theatre Consultants, Cumming Corporation and Allied Builders System. Serving as project manager, Cumming has been involved in the development of the design from concept through final construction documents, assisting in obtaining all the necessary approvals and permits, and acting as construction manager once the project moved from pre-construction into construction.