Director/Choreographer - John Rampage
Musical Director - Phil Hidalgo

Oliver is scheduled to run from September 24th to October 10th with a strong possibility of extending till October 17th. Please have all possible rehearsal conflict dates with you when you are called in for your audition.


Friday, August 6th, beginning at 7:00pm
Sunday, August 8th, beginning at 2:00pm

Audition slots will be in 5 minute increments. Auditions are by appointment only, no walk in auditions.

Please use this link to set up yoru appointment: CLICK HERE

The Stage Manager will reply by email with your audition time for the day requested. On the day of your audition please arrive at least 5 minutes early and wait in your car in the parking lot until the Stage Manager texts you that it is time for you to enter the theatre. Please enter through the back door marked COSTUMES. You must enter wearing your mask and continue to wear it throughout your audition, except when singing.


Oliver Twist :  Child, 10 – 12 years old .An orphaned workhouse boy. Sings “ Where Is Love “ and “ Who Will Buy “.

Fagin  :  Adult.  A wily receiver – runs a training academy for young pickpockets. Sings “ Reviewing the Situation “ and “ You’ve Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two “.

The Artful Dodger : Child/Young Teen.  Fagin’s brightest pupil.  Sings” Consider Yourself “ and  “ I’d Do Anything “.

Bill Sikes : Adult. A villain in his prime. Sings “ My Name”.

Nancy : Adult.  A graduate of Fagin’s academy and Bill’s doxy. Sings “ As Long As He Needs Me”, “ It’s A Fine Life” and “ Oom-Pah-Pah”.

Bet : Teenager. A young lass in Fagin’s establishment – idolizes Nancy. Sings “ I’d Do Anything “.

Mr. Bumble : Adult. A large and pompous Beadle of the workhouse. Sings “ Oliver !”, “ I Shall Scream “ and “ Boy For Sale “.

Mrs. Corney : Adult. A sharp-tongued, domineering widow- the Workhouse Mistress. Sings “ Oliver “  and“ I Shall Scream”.

Mr. Brownlow : Adult.  An older gentleman of wealth and  breeding. A non-singing role.

Mr. Sowerberry : Adult. The Undertaker. Sings “That’s Your Funeral”. Also doubles in the Ensemble.

Mrs. Sowerberry : Adult. His overseer. Sings “ That’s Your Funeral “. Also doubles in the Ensemble.

Charlotte : Teenager/Young Adult. The Sowerberry’s sluttish young daughter. Also doubles in the Ensemble.

Noah Claypole : Teenager/Young Adult. The Undertaker’s pimply apprentice. Also doubles in the Ensemble.

Mr. Grimwig.  Adult. Also doubles in the Ensemble.

Mrs. Bedwin : Adult. Mr. Brownlow’s Housekeeper. Sings “ Where Is Love “ reprise. Also doubles in the Ensemble.

Old Sally : Adult. A Pauper on her deathbed. Also doubles in the Ensemble.

Ensemble :  Singers and Dancers to play a variety of small speaking parts, Street Vendors, Bow Street Runners, Crowd etc.

Children’s Ensemble : We will be auditioning and casting boys and girls for the workhouse boys, members of Fagin’s gang. Must sing and dance.

If you have any questions please contact (808) 733-0277 x302.