Friday, Oct. 18 @ 7:00pm – Auditions for Adult roles & Adult Ensemble Only

Saturday, Oct. 19 @ 2:00pm – Auditions for Children Only 

Sunday, Oct. 20 @ 2:00pm – Auditions for Adult roles and Adult Ensemble Only

Director/ Choreographer -  Greg Zane

Musical Director -  Emmett Yoshioka

 Character Breakdown

Maria Rainer:  This role will be played by Ms. Sarah Halford

Georg von Trapp: Retired naval officer. Disciplinarian, brave and heroic. Loves his family and his country. Age: early 40s. Baritone: low F# below the staff to E, 4th space.

The Mother Abbess: This role will be played by Ms. Mary Chestnut Hicks 

Max Detweiler:  Self-serving impresario. Lovable and funny. Age: late 30s - early 40s. Lyric baritone: C just below the staff to F, 5th line

Elsa Schraeder:  Sophisticated, wealthy, attractive noblewoman. Elegant. Age: 30s. Mezzo: low C just below the staff to F, 5th line.

Sister Berthe:  Strict Mistress of Novices at Nonnberg Abbey. Age: 30s - 40s. Mezzo: low B just below the staff to F, 5th line.

Sister Margaretta:  Kind Mistress of Postulants at Nonnberg Abbey. Age 30s - 40s. Mezzo: low B just below the staff to high F, 5th line.

Sister Sophia:  A novice at Nonnberg Abbey. Age: 30s. Soprano: low B below the staff to F, 5th line.

Franz:  Former naval orderly and, now, butler to Captain von Trapp. Age: 30s - 40s, Non-singing role. 

Frau Schmidt:  No nonsense housekeeper for the von Trapp household. Age: late 40s - early 50s. Non-singing role. 

Herr Zeller:  Hard- line Nazi Gauleiter of Salzburg. Age: late 30s - early 40s. Non-singing role. 

Admiral von Schrieber:  Nazi admiral who wants Georg von Trapp to join the Nazi party.  Late 40s. Non-singing role. 

Rolf Gruber:  Impressionable teenager in love with Liesl. Age: 17 years old. Baritone: low D just below the staff to E, 4th space. Absolutely must dance. 

The von Trapp Children: 

*Liesl:  16 years old. Mezzo: low B just below the staff to E, 4th space. Absolutely must dance. 

*Friedrich: 14 years old. 

*Louisa: 13 years old. 

*Kurt: 11 years old. 

*Brigitta:  9 years old. 

*Marta: 7 years old. 

*Gretl: 5 years old. 

*All children must incorporate a vocal range from G# below the staff to F, 5th line.


All Nuns must incorporate a vocal range from E just below the staff to E above the staff.

Chorus must float a G above the staff on "Goodbye"

All von Trapp children must sing and dance. 

Also, seeking male and female singers who move well. 

The ensemble will play various roles: Nuns, Neighbors, 

Nazis, von Trapp Household staff. 

Audition Requirements 

SING: Please prepare an uptempo song or ballad from the traditional Broadway repertoire, i.e., Rodgers & Hammerstein, Lerner & Lowe, Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, ect. Bring sheet music in your own key. No transpositions on site, no acapella, karaoke, or tapes will be allowed. An accompanist will be provided.  

DANCE: Please bring appropriate dancewear (clothes/shoes).

REHEARSALS: Rehearsals begin immediately following auditions. Rehearsal schedule determined by director.



For further information, please call Diamond Head Theatre at 733-0277 x302.

All auditions for Diamond Head Theatre productions, unless otherwise specified, are held in the DHT Rehearsal Hall. Diamond Head Theatre is located at 520 Makapuu Avenue, across the street from Kapiolani Community College. Parking is available in the theatre’s parking lot located behind the building. The Rehearsal Hall is located at the back of the theatre; enter through the door that says Costume Shop.