Seeking strong dancers with ballet, jazz, theatre dance technique who sing well.

Please be warmed up and prepared to dance first. You may be asked to sing. Please bring sheet music in your own key (no onsite transpositions) of an uptempo or ballad from the Broadway repertory that shows off your range. An accompanist will be provided. No tapes, a capella or karaoke tracks.

Director/Choreographer - Greg Zane
Musical Director - Melina Lillios

"A Chorus Line" is scheduled to run from July 16th to August 1st, with a strong possibility of extending til August 8th. Please have any possible rehearsal conflict dates with you when you are called in for your audition.

Appointments are required for everyone auditioning and all will be required to take the dance audition first. You must be 17+ years old to audition. To ensure social distancing, each dance group will be limited to just 8 people per group. Masks must be worn from the time you enter the theatre until after you have completed the dance audition and leave the building.

After you have completed the dance audition, you MAY be contacted by someone on the production staff to schedule a vocal audition or dance callback on either Sun. May 30 after 4:00pm or Monday May 31st from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. (Not everyone who completes the dance audition will be asked to return for a vocal audition or callback.)
Due to the close proximity of the dancers in all of the production numbers, everyone must be fully vaccinated to be cast in this production.
Please email to make an appointment for one of the following dance audition time slots:

When you schedule your appointment, please provide your cell number. On the day/time of your audition we ask that you wait in your car in the DHT parking lot until the Stage Manager texts you that it is time for you to enter the theatre through the back door marked COSTUMES.        


ZACH: A charismatic, controlling, manipulative, calculated but brilliant Broadway director/choreographer. Strong, intuitive and powerful. He seems to be in complete control, even when facing his personal relationship with Cassie, or the emotional needs of his dancers. He has a strong masculine presence.  
Vocal range: Baritone
Age: 30- 40

LARRY: Zach’s assistant. Extremely efficient and has assisted Zach on numerous shows. Bright, helpful, confident and a superb dancer.
Vocal range: Baritone or Tenor
Age: 25-35

DON KERR: Very sure of himself. Cool, All- American guy. Has worked with Zach before.
Vocal range: Baritone D3- F#4
Age: 26- 35

MAGGIE WINSLOW: A sweetheart, little sister type. A dreamer. Must have an incredibly strong, high belt.
Vocal range: Soprano A3- E5
Age: 25-30

MIKE COSTA: Cocky, determined, strong sense of himself but likable. Experienced dancer who has worked with Zach before. Must sing extremely well.
Vocal range: Tenor F3- G#4
Age: 23- 27

CONNIE WONG: Experienced dancer. SHORT.  Feisty with a great sense of humor. Born in Chinatown, Lower East Side, New York. Asian- American.
Vocal range: Alto C4- D5
Age: 32-35

GREGORY GARDNER: Very conscious of the way he looks and appears. “Been there-done that attitude.” Can be very grand at times. Quite a smart-aleck. Has worked with Zach before. Very Upper East Side snob.
Vocal range:
Age: 25- 32

CASSIE FERGUSON: Will be played by Kira Stone

SHEILA BRYANT: Sultry, sophisticated. Strong, aggressive but not mean spirited. Funny, dry sense of humor to off-set her insecurities. Unsure of her future in the business. Has worked with Zach before.  Vocal range: Alto G3- Bflat4
Age: 28- 30

BOBBY MILLS: Flamboyant, very funny. Covers everything with a joke due to his insecurities. He is best friends with Sheila.
Vocal range: Baritone Eflat3- C4
Age: 25-30

BEBE BENZENHEIMER: Has lots of chutzpah. Insecure about her looks. Feels a little excluded but just wants to be liked. New to the Broadway scene. Must sing extremely well.
Vocal range: Alto F#- C#5
Age: 21- 25

JUDY TURNER: Funny, gawky. Sometimes scatterbrained but lovable. Very awkward except when she’s dancing. From El Paso, Texas. Vocal range: Mezzo G#3- C#5
Age: 21-25

RICHIE WALTERS: From Missouri. African-American. Strong dancer. Enthusiastic, cool and funny. Very likable. Very energetic.
Vocal range: Tenor D3- A4
Age: 25-27

ALAN DELUCA: Macho, street tough. Working class from the Bronx. Masculine presence and strong singing voice. Newly married to Kristine. Vocal range: Baritone E3- G#4
Age: 25- 30

KRISTINE URICH DELUCA: Very nervous when not dancing. Has trouble when she has to sing. Newly married to Al.
Vocal range: Mezzo G#3- C#5
Age: 22-25

VALERIE CLARK: Sexy, sassy, foul-mouthed. She’s smart and always “working the room.” Looking to get ahead in the business. Must sing extremely well.
Vocal range: Mezzo G#3- C#5
Age: 25- 28

MARK ANTHONY: Newbie. Naive but charming. Great dancer. Very young. Very hopeful.
Vocal range: Tenor E3- G#4
Age: 18-21

PAUL SAN MARCO: Introverted. Insecure. Shy. Has endured indignities in his past. Strong dancer. Always the outsider in school because he was gay. Only recently, starting to feel comfortable about his masculinity. Vocal range: Tenor C#3-F#4
Age: 25- 28

DIANA MORALES: Streetwise and determined Latina from the Bronx. A strong athletic dancer. A little tough but an eternal optimist. Must sing extremely well.
Vocal range: Alto G3- C#5
Age: 25- 28

CUT DANCERS: Male and female roles that will understudy and sing throughout the show.


If you have any questions about auditions, please contact our Artistic Director a or call (808) 733-0277 x302