The Bodyguard Auditions

Sat. Jan. 25 @ 2:00pm

Sun. Jan. 26 @ 2:00pm

Director - John Rampage

Choreographer - Christine Yasunaga

Musical Director - Darcie Yoshinaga

The Bodyguard is a celebration of Whitney Houston’s music and what a celebration it is! The show features a host of irresistible classics including Queen of the Night, So Emotional, One Moment in Time, Saving All My Love, I Wanna Dance with Somebody and one of the biggest selling songs of all time - I Will Always Love You

When superstar star Rachel Marron is threatened by a stalker, her worried manager hires ace security expert Frank Farmer as her personal bodyguard. Frank has little interest in protecting a coddled celebrity. Rachel, in turn, has little use for her macho protector, who cramps her style with his endless restrictions on her movements. Each expects to be in charge; what they don’t expect is to fall in love. 

Show runs March 20 - April 12, 2020


Though The Bodyguard is a musical, featuring the songs of Whitney Houston, there are several major roles for men that require no singing or dance ability, except briefly in the finale. Actors who do not regularly audition for musicals are highly encouraged to audition for these roles. A great way to add a musical to your resume!

Rachel Marron - This role will be played by guest artist Miss Lindsay Roberts.

Frank Farmer - Former Secret Service agent turned Rachel’s bodyguard. Tough, professional, disciplined. Expects to be in charge, but doesn’t expect to fall in love with Rachel. 30 to 45 years old, must be in good physical shape. Can be any ethnicity. Sings: I Will Always Love You.

Nicki Marron - Rachel’s sister, also a talented singer who exists in her sister’s shadow. She has an attraction for Frank that is not returned. 25 to 35 years old. Can be African American, Polynesian, Filipina, Latina or any dark skinned ethnicity. Must have a strong pop voice. Sings: Saving All My Love For You, Run To You Duet with Rachel and All At Once.

Fletcher - Rachel’s 10-year-old son. Must be a strong actor, but can actually be 8 to 12 years old. Can be African American, Polynesian, Filipino, Latino or any dark skinned ethnicity. Sings: Jesus Loves Me and is vocally featured in the finale.

The Stalker - A demented assassin obsessed with Rachel. A chameleon of many looks and disguises. Must be physically fit. 20 to 40 years old. Any ethnicity. No singing or dancing required except for one line in the Finale.

Sy Spector - Rachel’s Publicist. Brash, loud, and very “Hollywood”. 35 to 50 years old. Any ethnicity. No singing or dancing required except for one line in the Finale.

Bill Devaney - Rachel’s manager. Protective of Rachel, he hires Frank as her bodyguard. Level headed and grounded. 35 to 55 years old. Any ethnicity. No singing or dancing required except for one line in Finale.

Tony Scibelli - Rachel’s personal security guard. Disgruntled that Frank has taken over most of his former duties. 25 to 40 years old. Preferably Italian or Latino. Should be solidly built. No singing or dancing required except for Finale.

3 Drunk College Girls - Featured singers in Where Do Broken Hearts Go in a karaoke bar. Must have strong pop voices. Double in the ensemble.

Ray Court - FBI Special Agent. 30 to 40 years old. Any ethnicity. Doubles in ensemble.

The following speaking roles will be played by members of the Ensemble - Klingman, Assassin, Rory (the Choreographer), Douglas (the ad agency representative), Jimmy, Stage Manager, Host, Bobby (the Sound Technician).

The Ensemble is incredibly important in The Bodyguard. They do back up vocals and dance features in most of the big hit songs in the score. We are looking for 12 strong men and 12 strong women in the ensemble. Strong dancers and singers are needed, though choreography is contemporary, with no tap required.

Audition Requirements 

SING: Please bring a Pop up-tempo or ballad, or a song from a contemporary or recent Broadway show. Bring sheet music in your own key. No transpositions on site, no acapella, karaoke, or tapes will be allowed. An accompanist will be provided.  

DANCE: Please bring appropriate dancewear (clothes/shoes).

REHEARSALS: Rehearsals begin immediately following auditions. Rehearsal schedule determined by director.


For further information, please call Diamond Head Theatre at 733-0277 x302.

All auditions for Diamond Head Theatre productions, unless otherwise specified, are held in the DHT Rehearsal Hall. Diamond Head Theatre is located at 520 Makapuu Avenue, across the street from Kapiolani Community College. Parking is available in the theatre’s parking lot located behind the building. The Rehearsal Hall is located at the back of the theatre; enter through the door that says Costume Shop.