'Ilima Awards

The 2020 Ilima Awards has been cancelled. Please stay tuned for information on other fundraiser events.
The 'Ilima Awards, a partnership with the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, are held at Diamond Head Theatre (DHT). The winners are chosen though a variety of methods—a reader ballot, the restaurant critics' choices, DHT patron choices and awards to restaurants that have supported DHT and/or the arts during the year.

The fundraiser is held every year in October on Columbus Day. Call 733-0277 for more information on the event or to purchase a table. The Awards are bestowed onstage with a song and dance extravaganza. A cast of singers and dancers performs a 30 minute show with a very entertaining restaurant parody revue. Following the show, patrons spill out onto the theatre grounds which have been transformed into an outdoor ballroom featuring fine wines, ice cold martinis and micro-brewed beers. The perimeter is dotted with smaller tents featuring samplings from the award-winning restaurants.

Click here for Table information. Limited walk-around tickets are available. The event is very fluid and fun, with patrons walking and sampling (though the higher end tables are served). It is a giant cocktail party with lots of mingling, networking and dancing.

The 'Ilima Awards have become our signature (and sole) fundraising event. The benefit raises a significant amount of money for our productions and performing arts programs.